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For any commission, please contact me by email: contact(at)ludovicart(dot)com.

1. Production of the works and commissions

The original production of the works of art is made in a limited edition up to 12 copies. Eight are numbered from 1/8 to 8/8 and four are numbered from EA I/IV to EA IV/IV (EA meaning Artist’s Work).

Each work of art is signed with the initials of the artist and is delivered with a certificate of authenticity. The works of art also bear the stamp of the caster as well as the year of the cast.

All of the works of art can be made in different patinas. For any commission, it is necessary to contact the artist to obtain a quote and the delivery time. In this case, the work of art must be paid for with 50% on commission, 50% on delivery. 

2. Delivery and shipping costs

In addition to the sales price, the Client will take responsibility for the handling and shipping costs. These costs are calculated based on the total weight of the order, the geographic zone of the delivery and the carrier (ask for a quote).

For a delivery outside the European Union and in accordance with the legislation in effect within the geographic zone of the delivery, the Client is liable to and must pay the customs duties, VAT or any other taxes charged by those same customs in connection with the importation of such goods into the country of the place of delivery. All formalities relating thereto are the sole responsibility of the Client. The Client is also solely responsible for verifying the possibilities of importing the goods ordered under the laws of the country of delivery. No order will be refunded to the Client in the event of the refusal of the goods into the geographic area of delivery or the non-payment of customs duties, VAT or taxes charged by the country of delivery.

According to circumstances, possibility of personal delivery by the artist himself, all over the world: ask for a quote.