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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

The following information and notices define the general terms and conditions of use for the use of the ludovicart.com internet site. Please read the following before browsing or using the internet site.

Ludovic ART reserves the right to modify these conditions for usage at any time without any prior notice being given.

1. Legal Information

The ludovicart.com internet site is edited and managed by Mr Ludovic ART.

The ludovicart.com internet site of Ludovic ART is protected in France under the Intellectual Property Code and abroad by international copyright conventions on intellectual property rights. The ludovicart.com internet site is the entire property of Ludovic ART. Any violation of copyright is deemed as copyright infringement and is therefore liable to legal proceedings.

Email: contact(at)ludovicart(dot)com
Website: www.ludovicart.com
Director of the Publication: Ludovic ART
Host: www.host.fr
Design: dsgn2b.com

2. Intellectual Property and Copyrights

All the material presented on this site (artworks, texts, photos, logos, icons, graphic elements etc.,) are the exclusive and inalienable property of Ludovic ART and/or the third parties that have been granted the authorization to use the material. All of these elements are protected in France under copyright including illustrations and models, according Articles L.112 and L.511 of the French Intellectual Property Code, and abroad by the international copyright conventions on intellectual property rights.

Any reproduction, representation, use or modification, even partial, of the ludovicart.com site, of its artworks and/or its data on any support or by any means whatsoever (IT, digital, paper, etc.) is strictly forbidden. An exception to this rule is reserved for reproduction being done for strictly personal and free usage in accordance with Article L. 122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code. In the same way, Ludovic ART reserves the right to grant prior written permission to authorize the reproduction of the site.

Photo Credits

All iconographic representations presented on the site (photos of artworks, background images, lifestyle photos etc.) owned by Ludovic ART and/or the third parties represented on the site are contractually non-binding.

Photo Credit Ludovic ART - All rights reserved

3. Features of artworks on the site

Ludovic ART makes every effort to present and describe in detail as carefully and accurately as possible, the key features of the artworks, by presenting all the information it has in its possession.

The photographs of artworks, provided by Ludovic ART, are shown on the site, in emails or other means of communication for information purposes only and do not constitute in any way, a form of contract.

The perception of shapes and colors can be based on a function of the internet browser used by the Client, the type of IT hardware and the calibration of the screen color display of the Client. The difference between this perception and the visual reality of the artworks cannot engage the responsibility of Ludovic ART.

Ludovic ART is committed to being as accurate as possible in the iconographic representation of its artworks.

Version dated 01/09/2013
Ludovic ART All rights reserved